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Dasty Degreaser Classic

The no. 1 stain remover

  • Powerful degreasing action
  • Multiple application for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces
  • Formulation without solvent
  • Give’s instant results

Where and how to use

Dasty Degreaser Classic is the ideal detergent for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces of both home and away from the environment ‘home’. Ideal on a type of mineral dirt (burnt oil, smog, etc.) and on the most varied types of surfaces (shutters, outdoor furniture in plastic or metal, grills, motorcycles, stains on fabrics, artificial plants, etc.), as well as stain remover on collars and cuffs before the normal washing.

Do not use on materials consisting of polycarbonate (transparent plastic / Plexiglas) like helmet visors, headlights car/motorcycles, shower panels etc.).

The product must be sprayed directly onto the surface, if the dirt is persistent, let it work for 4/5 minutes and then rinse.

NB: for the coloured surfaces or materials you should first test them on a hidden spot for colour fastness, in order to avoid unexpected discolourations, before using the product on the entire surface.

Below you will find more than 100 uses of the Dasty Degreaser Classic.


Kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertop, cooker hood and filters, frying plan, ovens, gas stove, cooker vitro ceramic, slicers, freezer, refrigerator, radiators, rolling blinds, stains on washable walls, external flooring, garage flooring, protective glass stoves and fireplace, stains on carpets, stains on carpet flooring, stains on sofas in textile or leather, stone window sills, bins, coffee machines, light switches, lamps, frames of doors and windows, ashtrays, artificial plants, brooms, phones, pencil case for school, backpacks, ink stains, garage flooring, toilets, bathroom, wall & floor tiles, etc.

Removing stains

Collars and cuffs shirts, pre-treatment overalls, stains of butter, chocolate, mayonnaise, sauces, oil, ink, lipstick, etc.


Barbecue, grill plates, garden tools, plastic garden furniture, lawn mower, chain saw, pressure washers, stone pavements, pool edge, trampoline pool, doghouse, cat litter box, cages of animals, mailbox, lamps, insect residues.

Hobby, sport and vacation

Trainers, aquarium, surfboard, gliders, weapons, boats, exercise machines, chains motorcycle/bike/chainsaw, car rims, paint brushes, backpacks, engines modelling, toys for children, sunshades, deck chairs, camping gear, exterior motor home and caravan, tackle box, etc.